Eyebrows                                    $12

Shape up or ship out.

Lip                                              $10

Pucker up.

Chin                                            $10

Must we explain?

Full Face                                      $40

Brows, lip & chin plus the sides of your face. 

Full Arm                                      $38

From wrist to shoulder.

Half Arm                                     $25

Above or below the elbow. You choose.

Underarms                                  $18

Bye bye 5 o'clock shadow.

Stomach                                      $20+

No need for a lady trail.

Lower back                                  $20+

We got your back.

Brazilian                                      $50

You can do it ladies.

Bikini                                          $30

Tell us how much off the sides and a little off the top.

Full Leg                                       $55

From top to bottom.

Half Leg                                      $40

Above or below the knee. You choose.

Men's Chest/Back                       $50+

Come on guys, you could use a little help from us too.