Sanitization and cleanliness are a huge concern in our industry. We take pride in practicing all government regulations and going over and above for the safety of our clients and estheticians. Below are a few of our policies that all employees at Jaja follow to ensure the safety of guests and ourselves :


1. Estheticians wear gloves for all pedicures and some waxing  services.

2. Every single file, buffer and foot file is disposed of after each client.

3. All linen and wax paper is discarded after each client.

4. Our pedicure bowls (which have no jets) are cleaned with soap and water, then with a high grade disinfectant.

5. All tools are cleaned with soap and water and then bathed in a high grade       implement disinfectant and stored in a sanitary manner.

6. All surfaces (i.e. pedicure station, chairs, faucets and manicure table) are wiped down with disinfectant after each client.

7. Estheticians wash hands with soap and water between every client and or   service.

8. We do not double dip in our wax.

9. We refuse to work on any client with a wart, fungus or any other visible     concerns.